Beauty for Ashes in Zimbabwe

This blog was written by Rachel Witt a member of World Race X Squad doing Beauty for Ashes in Zimbabwe. 

Last month, my team and I hosted two Beauty for Ashes retreats in Zimbabwe. Both retreats were a huge success! The first retreat we hosted was in Gokwe, a very rural town in northern Zimbabwe. The retreat was two full days where women from far away villages could spend the night. The second retreat we hosted was in Kadoma and it was 3 half days. I loved the opportunity to get to know all the women that came. We met many different women from different places and backgrounds. It was really cool to see their passion and love for God.

At both retreats we read God’s word, had discussions, played games, and ate together. We were able to talk to the women about forgiveness, prayer, worth, community, and God’s love for us. At the end of both retreats, we had spa time where the women enjoyed getting their makeup done, their nails done, and taking pictures of each other. We also danced, A LOT! These women love to sing and dance to the Lord and it was absolutely beautiful.

A couple highlights from the retreats: In Gokwe, one woman accepted Jesus and gave her life to Christ! In Kadoma, A LOT of women came forward and “nailed” (stapled) the names of people they wanted to forgive to the cross during our forgiveness activity.. They took a huge step by giving their hurt and pain to God.

Well that’s the quick summary! Enjoy the video:

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